Thank you for planing to spend time with me; before contacting me please look through my Rates and FAQ section to make sure we are on the same page; Contacting me in any form you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted all my rules and policies listed on the website.

     I personally answer all my emails and will respond to your message as soon as possible; when making an initial contact please provide me with the following information:

- Your full legal name (as it's shown on your ID);

- Your email and your phone number;

- About yourself: your age, nationality, field of occupation;

- 2-3 references from upscale providers you met for past 6-12 months with the name and official website (Not just email or phone number);

- If you do not have any references I will gladly do an employment verification that would start with your name (copy or picture of yor driver licence) and a company you own or work for (it can be a website with your name on it or business ID with your name and occupation);

     The information I gather is NOT shared nor stored but used for verification purposes only.

How can I get verified?

There are a few ways to be verified, such as:

- 2-3 references from providers you have met before; please include a website or a link to the advertising (not only phone or email); it can take up to 24h to receive a reply that's why I recommend you to contact the lady before using her as a referee;

- Your picture ID (state ID, driver license) AND proof of your occupation (business ID, personal or company website with your name and occupation, LinkedIn) NO BUSINESS CARDS.

Ignoring my requirements for the  contact form will be taken as an affront and will be replied with an automatical message to start over again

     Some appointments I require 25% deposit to secure your spot. Any date with a deposite will be GUARANTEED and SECURED. All deposits can be provided by Venmo payment. In case of Cancellation certain rules applies: if you cancel 24h before, for your deposit will be credited towards your rescheduled date; if you cancel less then 24h before or simply don't show up, your 1st deposit burns out and your second appointment is only available after 100% deposit; all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE  

late cancel (less than 24h in advance) fee 25% of the intial appointment

No show fee 50% of the initial appointment