Where are you from?

I was born overseas in Eastern Europe currently I live in NYC

Why your rates are so high?

I am a luxury companion and I can afford to be only with the gentlemen I really like. Quality above all. I like the idea of having a circle of selected regulars, and I am always happy to make a new friend. I meet only one man a day and that's why my rates are high-ended. If it doesn't fit your budget you can deferment our date for better times as I have specials and deals sometimes. 


Can I see you tonight/now/soon?

Yes, it's possible if I'm free but you must go through the verification process before setting up an appointment; as usually it takes 1-24 hours I recommend you to contact me beforehand; Screening is a MUST for everyone 

How can I get verified?

There are a few ways to be verified, such as:

- 2-3 references from providers you have met before; please include a website or a link to the advertising (not only phone or email); it can take up to 24h to receive a reply that's why I recommend you to contact the lady before using her as a referee;

- Your picture ID (state ID, driver license) AND proof of your occupation (business ID, personal or company website with your name and occupation, LinkedIn) NO BUSINESS CARDS.

Can you guarantee discretion for me?

Absolutely. Our safety and discretion are my highest priorities. I am independent, live by myself and reply to my email only myself; I respect the law, care about my reputation, so I'll never disclose any of your information or details of our date. The information I collect is for my eyes only and will never be shared with a third part.


Can I skip the verification process?

No. I do not meet random people from a street, my safety is the most important thing for me.


Can I talk to you on the phone?

No, you can't; I understand that you would feel more comfortable if you heard my voice, but only I can do is TEXT and only for appointment reasons or happy hour (please read further)


Can you travel to my place?

Yes, I provide outcalls only to upscale buildings and 4-5* hotels in NYC; however I can travel outside of NYC: close neighborhoods +100 for transportation, other destinations +traveling fee; also meetings out of NYC I require a deposit of 50%; I have a valid passport and can travel world wide, please contact me and we can discuss details; I also have upcoming tours around USA: Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco etc. please follow me on social media where I post updates about my recent travelling; I am also available for FlyMeToYou in USA and some selected countries in Europe

I have to cancel, can I make another appointment?

Life happens I understand however if you cancel 24h before, for your second appointment you are required 50% deposit; if you cancel less then 24h before or simply don't show up, your second appointment is only available after 100% deposit; all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE 


Why don't you reply my message?

I always try to reply my email as soon as possible up to 24h; however if your message consists only of "R u available?" I consider it to be a sign of you being not serious and I possibly skipped it, if it happened to you, please look through my website and contact me through the contact form again


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I do! However I require 100% of payment before the appointment, online, through Venmo app (download from Venmo.com), send me your username and I will send you my payment request; this is a safe way for both of us and you can make payment using your debit/credit card or bank account


What are you expecting from me?

Personal hygiene and proper grooming is a must, don't hesitate to use my shower if you visit me; I cannot emphasize enough the appeal of a gentleman who is fresh, clean and pleasantly scented. I am allergic to toxins so if you must, please be sure that your last smoke is finished several hours prior to our engagement and that your clothing (or breath) has not absorbed the odor. Arriving intoxicated sets a negative precedent for the evening and will be grounds for canceling our engagement. So NO ALCOHOL AND NO DRUGS


Do you have reviews?

Yes. Although I don't necessarily encourage reviews, for discretion reasons, personally I believe that what happens between the two of us should remain between us ;-) 

UPDATED: Due to present situation happened with TER I no longer have any reviews, However I am verified by Eros and Slixa and also run IG Margolovenyc where you can get more sneak peeks and discover rare pictures, feel free to follow me to disover some feedbacks I receive from my friends


Can you send me a picture with your face?

No, I can't. For privacy reasons that I'm sure you understand, I am unable to send any unblurred photos of my face. Discretion is as important for me as it is to you.


Are your pictures real? 

Yes, they are; This is one of the most common questions I receive. My pictures are real, recent and represent me perfectly. I am a 100% authentic young lady. My face is blurred for safety reasons only. I can assure you that when you meet me in person, you will not be disappointed in the least ;-) My pictures are also verified on Eros and Slixa. If you see a different person - the date is FREE

Do you meet couples?

Yes, I do; the rates are the same plus 200 and 2 hours minimum.

Do you do BGB or GBG?

Yes, I do; please contact me to be verified for more information.

What is a date preference?

Date, time, incall or outcall (if outcall - location), duration, type (public or private) of preferable meeting

What is a Happy Hour?

My availability is very tight and I'm looking forward to meet people who are looking for a better deal; so this happy hour happens when I have last moment cancel or just have a general availability; Upon your request I add (or remove) your phone number/email to my list and will contact you as soon as I know my schedule for the day; Your choice is to take it or skip it till next time; the deal is available on first confirm basis; Happy hour rate is not available for specifically requested time and might not match your schedule and can not exceed one hour; if you are looking for specific date or longer time please book a date with my regular rate; happy hour can be applied toward incall or outcall (please contact me for details, a deposit might be required).

How can I send you a deposit?

Please use Venmo (app or website), send me your username and only after I send you a request, proceed the payment/Amason gift card is acceptable also (for amounts up to 100)

Can I combine Public and private time?

Yes, you can, however if initially you choose only public time and while meeting me you decide you would like to spend some time privately, the rate will be added NOT transformed into private time; even if you don't plan private time, please be prepared in case if you change your mind to avoid uncomfortable discussion and trading at the date so we don't ruin the mood; I also keep a right to decline the upgrade.

Can I film/take pictures?

No, you can't, for my privacy reasons I prefer you keep your devices turned off all the time.

Can you bring another provider?

Yes, please contact me for more details; additional rates vary.


Do you meet transsexual/lesbian?

Yes, I am a very open-minded person.


Do you do Fetishes?

I love foot fetish and role playing however extreme fetishes like GS or BS is out of my style, sorry but you'd rather contact Fetish providers.

Do you do Domination?

I'm not sure I will be good in it and I would love to give you the best of me, that's why no.

Can I skip the verification?

No, you can't the verification is a must for everyone who I meet.

May I have a discount because Fluffy/Buffy/Skyline/etc. has lower rates and she does this and that?

Please don't compare me to anyone else, meeting me is a unique experience and I would rather have less friends but with grater taste in women.

Will you vouch for me?/Can I use you as a reference?

Yes, I will confirm that I have met you, without sharing any personal details; however, our last date must be within past 6 months; when providing my website or email please remember I don't verify you by your phone number, only email.

Why do you ask for a deposit?

Some hours are very busy with appointment requests and my availability is unfortunately very limited so I cannot afford loosing this time in case if you cancel or don't show up, so the best way to display your responsibility and matureness is to secure your time with money in the worst case which would become your sincere apology for inconvenience.