Modeling and entertainment

1h - 1000

(800 for old friends and who did screening in 2018)

1,5 - 1400 (first meeting recommended minimum) 1200 for old friends

2h -1800

Dinner dates (my favourite)

3h - 2400

4h - 2800

My rates are non-negotiable.

To book some appointments I might require a non-refundable deposit (25% of the final donation) to secure your spot; in case of late cancel it will not be transferred to another appointment; 

I accept Venmo and Bitcoin (must be settled up before the meeting)

If you are visiting me please graciously present the consideration in a casual fashion at the beginning of the date without verbal exchange, in an unleashed envelope in a full view; if I'm visiting you please be a gentleman and place the donation in the bathroom where i have access to it while refreshing up before our appointment.

The proper description will be available after your verification. Please proceed to Contact me page to send me your request with screening info after you are verified we can discuss what type of entertainment will suit you best of all.

Please remember the consideration is for my time and companionship only in both public and private. Anything that may happen is totally voluntary between consenting adults